TGS Koya Chartered Accountants is your reliable partner for seamless and hassle-free company formation services. TGS Koya is an independent member of TGS Global. With a dedicated team of experts, we ensure your company formation in Dubai is smooth, efficient, and tailored to your needs.


Why Choose TGS Koya for Your Company Formation in Dubai?

Navigating the Company Setup Maze

Embarking on the journey of a company formation in Dubai can be overwhelming, but TGS Koya is here to guide you through every step. Our seasoned professionals have extensive knowledge about company setups all over the UAE, ensuring that you are in safe hands.

Tailored Solutions for Success

Are you looking to establish your business in the bustling heart of Dubai? TGS Koya specialises in providing tailored support for a mainland company formation in Dubai. We understand the unique requirements of operating on the mainland, and our team ensures that your business is successful right from the start.

Efficiency at its Core

Time is precious, and we value yours. Our streamlined process is designed for efficiency, promising quick and effective results without unnecessary delays. With TGS Koya, experience a swift company formation process as we handle the paperwork, approvals, and legalities, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—growing your business.

Comprehensive Advisory Services

We go beyond freezone business setups in UAE; TGS Koya provides advisory services based on your business activity and jurisdiction. Our experts offer guidance within the purview of ESR, CT, VAT, and other compliance requirements. We have you covered, from mandatory audits for Freezone entities to WPS registration and AML compliance.

Transparency Throughout

At TGS Koya, transparency is critical. We provide complete transparency about the timeline and procedures involved in the company formation process. You can trust us to keep you informed at every stage.

Guidance from Start to Finish

Our commitment extends beyond setting up your company. TGS Koya provides ongoing assistance for all compliance and operational requirements, ensuring you are well-equipped to navigate the business landscape in Dubai.

Audit and Accounting Support

Need assistance with audit and accounting services? TGS Koya has you covered. Our experts are ready to guide you through these essential aspects of business management, providing the support you need for a successful venture in Dubai.

Our Services

Company Formation in Dubai

Our core service is company formation in Dubai. We guide you through the process, from choosing the proper business structure to obtaining the necessary licences. Trust TGS Koya for a seamless and stress-free company formation experience.

Mainland Company Formation

Explore the vast opportunities on Dubai's mainland with our specialised mainland company formation services. Benefit from our expertise in navigating the specific requirements and regulations associated with mainland businesses.

Legal Compliance and Documentation

Ensuring legal compliance is crucial for the success of your business. TGS Koya takes care of all the necessary documentation and guarantees that your company adheres to the local laws and regulations.

Licensing Assistance

Obtaining the proper licences is a critical aspect of company formation. Our experts guide you through the licensing process, ensuring your business is fully compliant and ready to operate.

Ongoing Support and Consultancy

Our commitment doesn't end with company formation. TGS Koya provides ongoing support and consulting services to help your business thrive in the competitive Dubai market.

Why Dubai?

Dubai’s strategic location, business-friendly environment, and state-of-the-art infrastructure make it an ideal destination for entrepreneurs. As a global business hub, Dubai offers endless opportunities for growth and success.

Get Started Today

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards establishing your business in the dynamic city of Dubai. At TGS Koya, we specialise in making your entrepreneurial dreams a reality, offering comprehensive services for a seamless business setup in Dubai.