Company Formation

  • Free zone companies
  • Offshore companies
  • Branch of foreign companies
  • Limited liability companies
  • Liquidation Services

Forming a new company and setting up a new business are two crucial functions. We provide comprehensive incorporation services to clients after a full understanding of their specific needs. Clients are made aware of options available, after assessing their complete business plan, we recommend the most appropriate type of entity, considering convenience and economic location so economies of the enterprise are maximised. That is the crux of the client’s interest when start-up cost needs to be controlled.

Many businesses have been successfully established in the UAE with our expert advice. Our reach for company formation spreads across all Free Zones.

Our client businesses are in different free zones and emirates, and hence we have the knowledge ‘at our finger tips’ for formation of every type of entity in the Emirates and in various free zones.

Business set up requires expertise as there are several procedures and approvals that are required to be addressed. These services are made available by our expert team who handles business setup and related services with high level of competence.

Offshore Companies
We assist in registration of international offshore companies in the major offshore jurisdictions and we are registered agents for JAFZA offshore companies.

Liquidation Services
We also provide liquidation services for license cancellation and deregistration to LLCs and free zone entities. Our comprehensive liquidation services include all services from drafting the board resolution to liaison with government authorities and getting the company ultimately deregistered.

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