TGS Koya is an independent member of TGS Global. We take pride in being approved auditors in JAFZA, ensuring that your financial statements are accurate, transparent, and comply with the regulations set by the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority. Our dedicated professionals are committed to providing reliable and efficient auditing services.

Unparalleled Expertise: Approved Auditors in JAFZA

With years of experience in the industry, TGS Koya Chartered Accountants has become one of the leading approved audit firms in JAFZA. Our team of experts is well-versed in local regulations, ensuring that your business remains compliant while maximising efficiency.

Our Services: Approved Auditors in JAFZA

Financial Statement Audits

At TGS Koya, we pride ourselves on meticulous financial statement audits that aim to provide a clear and accurate portrayal of your financial health. Our scrutiny goes beyond the superficial, delving into every aspect of your financial records to uncover insights that may impact your strategic decisions.

Internal Audits

Specialising in internal audits, TGS Koya assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of your internal controls and processes. Our thorough internal audits identify areas for improvement, risk mitigation, and operational enhancement within your organisation.

Compliance Audits

Ensuring compliance with JAFZA regulations is crucial in today’s business environment. TGS Koya’s compliance audits verify that your business operations align with the specific regulatory requirements set forth by JAFZA, mitigating the risk of non-compliance and potential legal ramifications.

Transparent Communication

We believe in transparent communication throughout the auditing process. Our team will keep you informed of our findings and recommendations. At TGS Koya, we prioritise open and honest communication to build a trusting relationship with our clients.

Why Choose TGS Koya Chartered Accountants?

TGS Koya Chartered Accountants stands out as a top choice among approved audit firms in JAFZA for several compelling reasons. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, a client-centric approach, and a focus on timeliness and efficiency, TGS Koya ensures a superior auditing experience for businesses of all sizes.

Proven Excellence in JAFZA

TGS Koya Chartered Accountants, as one of the approved audit firms in DAFZA and JAFZA, has a track record of proven excellence. Clients can trust the firm's established reputation for delivering high-quality services backed by a team with extensive experience and expertise.

Client-Centric Focus

What sets TGS Koya apart is its unwavering commitment to prioritising clients' needs. With a client-centric approach, services meet the unique requirements of each client. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, TGS Koya's team handles your auditing needs with a personalised touch.

Timely and Efficient Auditing

Understanding the importance of time in the business world, TGS Koya delivers timely and efficient auditing services. The team completes audits promptly without compromising quality. This commitment allows clients to focus on their core business activities, confident that their financial compliance is in capable hands.

Reliable Partners in Financial Compliance

Choosing TGS Koya means selecting a reliable partner in financial compliance. Our firm's commitment to excellence, client-centric approach, and efficiency make us a trustworthy ally for businesses seeking comprehensive audit services. TGS Koya Chartered Accountants ensure clients meet regulatory requirements and optimise their financial processes for long-term success.

Network Benefits with TGS Koya:

● Proficient Experts: Our crew comprises experts with rich backgrounds, guaranteeing superior competency in managing your financial matters.
● Flexibility in Legal Structures: We have dealt with a variety of legal structures, including international corporations, subsidiaries, and branches, as well as mainland operations.
● Approval Across Freezones and Banks: We are approved auditors in several freezones and banks, extending our approval beyond JAFZA.
● Compliance Assurance: We closely follow the International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
● UAE Legal Compliance: We conduct thorough legal compliance checks in line with the applicable laws of the UAE.
● Strategic Auditing: Along with auditing reports, our approved auditors at DMCC and JAFZA offer insightful consulting services to strengthen your company and promote its expansion.
● International Compliance Coordination: We work in conjunction with group auditors to guarantee smooth adherence to foreign regulations to meet the global needs of your company

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If you are looking for approved auditors in JAFZA who can simplify the auditing process, TGS Koya Chartered Accountants is the right choice. Trust us to be your reliable partners in financial compliance. Contact us today for a consultation, and let us help you navigate the complex world of auditing.